There are many reasons to like MINIFORMS besides the unique design of their products!

Characterized by its eclectic design and the high quality of its pieces, the brand also respects local culture and heritage, just like Pura Cal. Frequently used in our projects, MINIFORMS is also available to our customers on our website.

The History of this brand starts with the motivation of LUIGI BARDINI, an 18-year-old living in Meolo, a small village north of Venice in the ‘60s. An entrepreneur by nature Luigi didn’t relate to the “Flower Power” spirit of the time and decided to start his business career.  He begins by selling staples to local industries and, after two years, decides to invest in furniture manufacturing. With the support of two business partners, Toni and Lino he opens his first factory INVETA, and in only two months he becomes the only owner and changes the company’s name to MINIFORMS.

The following 30 years involve a lot of work and perseverance, with many trials and finally big achievements. The brand enters the new century by producing furniture from Italy for the rest of the world. In 2009 Luigi passes his business to his children, Alessandro, Matteo, and Mario, that just like their father, are highly motivated and full of innovative ideas and start to collaborate with several designers, shapes became rounder and the product became iconic and avant-garde, but above all colourful.

The language of the brand becomes unique and known by six characteristics that reflect its spirit, expressivity, elegance, the “wow” factor of its innovative designs, the use of wood as the prime material, made-in-Italy reflecting the uniqueness of its craftsmanship, and finally the very Italian “Leggerezza”, a light yet meaningful approach to life!

Committed to a design culture that combines function, aesthetics, and sustainability, through their “GREEN PROGRAM” MINIFORMS furniture is produced in small regions along Italy, preserving their culture, and helping in their development. The wood is provided from FSC sources, and areas of reforestation in Europe and the Americas, guaranteeing the preservation of local biodiversity of the areas of source and the well-being of the local populations.

Of the current collection, we highlight the BRULLA stackable chair, inspired by the design of the 20th-century Austrian chairs. The chair is characterized by the juxtaposition between curvy and straight lines and its straw seat of retro reference, reinterpreted in new codes of minimalistic contemporary spirit.

We also could not forget to mention the beautiful SODA tables, made of blown glass, executed by three master craftsmen. Available in two shapes and four vibrant colours, adding character to any room.