GESTALTEN is one of the most recognized publishing houses in the world, especially when it comes to art, design, and urban culture.

Its story begins in Berlin at the beginning of the 1990s when three friends experience the big technological advances that make it possible for a graphic designer to own a computer and become independent. At this time, the incredible Techno and Rave movements were taking over the city and inspired Robert Klanten, Markus Hollmann-Loges, and Andreas Peyerl to publish their first book “LOCALIZER”, a reflection of the graphic universe associated with this music scene. Produced to order, the book was an immediate success, predicting a bright future for the publisher.

Nowadays the company is led by Robert Klanten and explores a broader view on culture, always associated with the best design. Using a myriad of observations of culture, people, art, and other intimate, inspirational informants, GESTALTEN documents and even anticipates vital movements in architecture, visual culture, design & fashion, escapism, food & beverages, travel, and contemporary art, with the purpose to inform and inspire people.

We can say that just like at the beginning when it was created, their books have become like time capsules that reflect and immortalize the cultural scene of a certain time and place, capturing its singular energy.

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