Sophisticated, elegant, yet informal and unpretentious, GERVASONI collaborates with several architects and designers from different backgrounds to create furniture collections that stand out for their unique design and also for the high quality of the materials used.

Founded in 1882, the brand initially began as a workshop specializing in wickerwork, in 1925 Giovanni Gervasoni started to run the business and carried the brand to the future, keeping up with all the important eras of Italian design. Currently, the brand is run by Giovanni and Michele Gervasoni, the third generation of the family.

It was in the 90s that the brand was recognized for its innovative and sometimes irreverent design, led by a special creative director, the famous architect Paola Navone, well-known for her creativity and singularity, that left the brand in 2020.

We highlight the iconic GHOST collection by Paola Navone, with delicate, simple, sophisticated, and timeless lines. This collection is frequently used by our studio for its eclectic design.

The brand represents in perfection the “Quiet Luxury” trend, associated with a sophisticated low-key luxurious environment, with natural colours, focusing on high-quality materials, finishings, and manufacturing technics. All of these characteristics are part of GERVASONI’S DNA.

The colours of the brand are delicate and natural, elevating the textures of the materials and sometimes contrasting with the addition of strong colours in details, that allow customers to personalize their pieces.

Besides their commitment to quality and innovation, GERVASONI has the goal of becoming the most sustainable as possible. Today the factory has 2346 solar panels providing energy and saving 300.00kg of carbon dioxide per year.