Terracota Small Vase With Rings | Pura Cal

Pura Cal


The Roman name of southern Portuguese city, immediately reveals the conceptual imaginary of this collection of decorative vases. OSSONOBA reinterprets the Roman presence in Portugal with totally contemporary forms, taking inspiration from the remnants of simple clay utilitarian pieces that are discovered all over the territory. In this way, a trip to ancient techniques and forms, present in our culture until today. The clay is assumed not only as a raw material, but as an expressive and significant material, in color, texture, touch. And through an absolutely handmade production, without any intervention of machinery, based on the wheel and in the experienced hands of Portuguese potters, a 100% natural and sustainable product is created.

This piece by Pura Cal is a low spherical shape with two rings. The vase, like all the pieces in the collection, is made of natural clay on the outside without any finishing and glazed on the inside.

Handmade in Portugal

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Ø15X17(H) cm

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