Ceramic L Heart | Liliana Velho


Liliana Velho presents a collection of handmade hearts, made in earthenware, clay, and porcelain.

Each heart is a unique representation, charged with symbolism and meaning, presenting different textures and colors. As written by the poet Luís Miguel Nava “The heart is like a city that has a mirror as the suburbs and the sea that fades into memory, where the heart is found”.

The pieces explore the heart as a muscle and a metaphor for love and Unlove. Some hearts are sculped as buildings or houses, as if emotion and life were pulsing inside them. Back to Nava “now that someone made refineries out of our hearts, the smoke irrupts, we would say filled with the chimneys emotions”.

A celebration of the human heart with all its complexities, and also, it’s vulnerabilities and scars where you can find the poetry in the heart of every piece.

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15X20 (H) cm

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Handmade and hand painted

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