Popular Paper Big Head


Rooted since immemorial time in popular traditions and celebrations all over Portugal, the “big-heads” allude to popular characters, but also to monsters or demons. Made entirely in papier mâché, these white figures with several expressions and personalities are always unique, shaped by the hands of users of a social support association.

Pura Cal, in constant search for identity, rescues this popular Portuguese craft tradition, contextualizing it in a contemporary way, where new characters bring life and stories to spaces.

* All pieces are totally handmade, with slightly different expressions, and are therefore unique with slight imperfections and diferences in sizes.

Handcrafted produced in Portugal

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Dimensions +

Large: Ø26X38(H) CM (approximate size)

Small: Ø19X28(H) CM (approximate size)

Material +

White papier mâché