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The Urchin or "Martinho and the Stars" is a representation of an observation of the chestnut shell and inspired by its thorns and tones. This piece of earthenware is glazed manually in cream color, according to the use of the tradition of manual technique of diving and glazing by gun. The cardboard box is surrounded by a paper strap, which contains an illustration and a summary of the short story “Martinho and the Stars”.

"Wise folk normally say that a starry sky is an omen of fair weather. And that, everty year, November has a week with very good weather, called St. Martin Summer. This is the story of a roman soldier named Martin that, in a tempertuous Autumn night, decides to save a homeless man by throwing chestnut sheels into the sky."

Made in Portugal

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19,5X16,5X9 (H) cm 

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