Lux Deco - Portugal

"...the serenity imposed by the whispers of the wind in the trees..."

Caras Decoração - Portugal

"Creating a comfortable, light, contemporary and functional space."

Lux Deco - Portugal

"Calm reigns here..."

Lux Deco - Portugal

"Between the mountains and the sea."

Lux Deco - Portugal

"...creating some metaphors with the flora that pigments the city of Lisbon."

Vip Interiores - Portugal

"The mountains and the sea are the inspiration for this residential project."

Vip Anuário de Decoração - Portugal

"These clay pieces are handmade and hand-painted, which is what makes them so special."

Caras Decoração - Portugal

"... a greater commitment to the values that we have always defended and have as our DNA."

Observador - Portugal

"The return to clay..."

Caras Decoração - Portugal

"A contemporary tribute to the imagination of artist Josefa de Óbidos."

Vip Interiores - Portugal

"... the different times and memories also pass from the spaces to the furniture and objects ..."

Caras Decoração - Portugal

Caras Decoração - Portugal


"... chair in rosewood, rattan, feathers and linen ..."

Caras Decoração - Portugal

"...a new dialogue between past and present."


"... a home featuring contemporany art works which also help to break away from the imagery of the past, bringing us up-to-date..."

Lux Deco - Portugal

"...a vintage atmosphere with a subtle touch of contemporaneity."

Vip Interiores - Portugal

“ the house , a classical soul but contemporary in shapes…”

Noticias Magazine - Portugal

“ a house from the beginning of the XXth century rehabilitated and designed to evoque a masculine elegance…”


"It's a back to the'80s with these poptastic accoutremens"

Caras Decoração - Portugal

“ where the diverse shades of white are dominant, a color that can be as warm as the brightest of reds..”

Caras Decoração - Portugal

“…tradition and modernity, an idea to follow in restored houses…”

Caras Decoração - Portugal

“…Comporta and Stockholm to design a natural table and one hundred percent portuguese…”

Vip Interiores - Portugal


“…countless stories, aesthetics, and time periods complement each other for a quaint, functional whole…”

Vogue - Portugal

“… valorization of materials and know how…”


"...Tiago Patrício Rodrigues´s mission is to connect people with the spaces in which live in…”


“…behind an Art Nouveau facade, this classic apartment blends modern and vintage pieces to result in a modern abode with a slightly masculine feel…”

Caras Decoração - Portugal

“… the main goal was to adapt the space to contemporary living…”

Caras Decoração - Portugal

“…simplicity and the absence of formality. The most relevant social trend of present times gains relevance in the universe of Interior Design…”


“…The colors and textures add warmth and personality to the areas to complement the overall white ceiling and walls…”


“ the owners desired a funcional and elegante space and it was exactly what the architect achieved…”

Attitude - 53 - Portugal

“…an apartment inspired by instinct, containing a plethora of periods just one time and place…”

Caras Decoração - Portugal

“ in Lisbon with a privileged view, an apartment of contemporary atmosphere…”

Saber Viver - 156 - Portugal

“ inspiration is focused in colors and Pedro Almodovár´s movies aesthetic…”


“…the original six bedroom apartment was transformed in 2011 into a wide two bedroom contemporary flat by the architect…”

DecoDesign - 21 - Portugal

“…un vrai voyage á travers les styles et les époques..”

Saber Viver - 155 - Portugal

“… an apartment with the capacity of preserving its original memory assuming a contemporary living…”

Caras Decoração - Portugal

“…maintaining the soul of the preexistent and structuring a new typology where the lines of this work…”


“…a fusion between tradition and innovation seeking to preserve  the history and memories hidden in this space…”


“…the architect seeks to preserve the original essence of the living space, giving it a contemporary look…”


“…fusion of styles, times and colors characterize this “belle époque” apartment…”

20 CASAS - 54 - Spain

“… the historical memory of the house is also extended to the furniture and decorative objects…”

EnCasa - 13 - Espanha

“…a simple and conventional apartment is converted into a space full of energy and good vibes…”

Mobiliário em notícia - 98 - Portugal

“…metaphor to Lisbon, where the light is spattered with shapes, colors and time…”


“…I’m committed to design not as a closed project,” Rodrigues says of his approach, “but one of continuous creation, without a pronounced end…”

Attitude - 48 - Portugal

“... a contemporany home without losing the memory of other times and stories...”