Created friends Benoit Loos and Philippe Delaisse in Antwerp, the history of ETHNICRAFT began 25 years ago in 1995 with a journey of Philippe to Indonesia, which led him to fall in love with the design and quality of the decorative objects and furniture he found. During his stay, he decides to ship to his hometown, a container with a selection of decorative pieces in order to sell them. It was an immediate success!

Benoit then joins Philippe and they import a container every two months. The following year, due to high demand, they decided to produce their own pieces of furniture, opening a factory in Indonesia, due to the high quality of the materials as well as the talent and technique mastered by the local artisans.

The high quality of craftsmanship applied to their pieces is the basis of ETHNICRAFT identity, as well as the simplicity of their designs, as well as the constant search for innovation and attention to detail.

ETHNICRAFT collections always return to the essence of the brand, revealing pieces of great character, made with high-quality materials and sustainable sources. This reveals the high level of respect for the raw material, the wood, considered by Philippe and Benoit as a precious resource. The brand uses design as a tool to find innovative solutions to generate as little waste as possible.

Despite several collaborations with numerous creatives, designer Alain Van Havre has been accompanying the founders of ETHNICRAFT for over 20 years, developing the brand’s unique visual language. The Bok, Graphic, PI, and Stairs collections are a clear translation of his style, and his passion for raw materials and nature, which inspires his designs.

“I’m obsessed with the freedom of movement in general, which is why I strive to escape the static in my designs and add dynamism to compositions.”

Alain Van Havre

Find here some pieces from Ethnicrafts collections.