PURA CAL - Stories Filled with Soul!

Some say we are architects. Some might say we are interior designers.
Others say we sell interior design pieces. They say so much about us and we are so proud to listen to the way they say it.

We are all of this. But that doesn’t define us!

We respect know-how. We breathe aesthetics. We care for each detail.

But our focus is on inspiration. The voyage of discovery that we embark on before grabbing our pencil, that only ends when we find a singular and unique path to develop our work. We are inspired by life stories or small neighborhoods full of history. The colours, the smells, the experiences of the looks we exchange with
people. By conversations, travels, artists, or traditions. Sometimes by words, others by silence...

We are inspired by people and the places where they live, that without any words say so much about their lives. They are stories filled with soul, slowly written in colours, and that is PURA CAL.

João Vilela

Commitment and Organisation.

Life takes a turn and sometimes leads us to unexpected paths and challenges. We reinvent ourselves so many times and we design new goals, although our main characteristics remain the same. From Pharmaceutical Sciences to Management, and from management to creating a design brand, João has reinvented himself many times. His focus, commitment, and his will to create a different and singular identity
are fundamental to “Designing” PURA CAL.


Tiago Rodrigues

Aesthetics and Emotion.

From a very young age aesthetics and art played a big role in his life. His path begins in architecture, incorporating interior design. Combining personal experiences and interests regarding authenticity, history, culture, and identity in his work. Thinking about spaces is his job and also his academic investigation work. His professional experience and personal vision solidify and enhance PURA CAL soul.

What We Do?

We specialize in architecture and interior design projects. We are committed to all kinds of levels of approach to a project and all scales and types. From the initial study to a fully detailed proposal, including customized furniture design, we conceive and design concepts adjusted to your space, vision, and aesthetics.

Summing up, you are our inspiration! Your life story and lifestyle are our main focus and lead us to design the space you always dreamed of, even when you can’t express it in words. Your project might be your home, a
restaurant, or any other business, our promise is to make it unique and a reflection of your identity.

If you wish to create or renovate your space and you are looking for a totally customized approach, focusing on every detail and conceived with the support of a highly experienced team, get in touch with us, and schedule your appointment to get to know us!